Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Steps Every Agent Should Follow

There are rental agents who have 100 leads every week. And there are rental agents who receive 4 or 5 leads per week.

One group of agents has a systematized and cohesive marketing strategy in place, and the other has not – and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which is which.

Yet, despite the very obvious (and myriad) benefits of successful marketing, only a handful of them are successful – in the region of 5-10%. The remaining 90% haven’t considered marketing at all or aren’t delivering consistent, exciting content in the right places to target their ideal audience.

While there are many considerations when developing a new strategy or improving your existing marketing plan, there are a few simple rules to get you on the right track:

Consistency is key

How often you share content with your audience will vary depending on the platforms you choose to use, but consistency is key. There’s no point in planning to post multiple times a day if you can’t keep up – you’ll just fall so far down people’s timelines (and so far down their minds) that interest levels will be minimal if and when you post again.

On the contrary, if people know when to expect your content (and you also plan in time to interact with your audience), you become a reliable source of information, or entertainment, or maybe even both.

Be a scroll stop

Every minute, around 300,000 Facebook statuses are posted, 1,000 Instagram photos are uploaded and 500 hours of video are added to YouTube.

So how are you going to stop your audience from just scrolling through your content? Whether you’re providing entertainment value, sharing eye-catching images, inviting meaningful engagement, or informing in a relevant way, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Multi-channel and multi-angle

In the good old days, you might have been content to just engage in traditional print media. But now there are a variety of channels through which you can share your message. And it’s not just about finding the right channels for you (e.g. are the owners you’re targeting Facebook fans or are you going to find them if you trend on Tiktok?), it it’s also about varying the way you present your content: long articles, short and catchy statuses, videos, blogs, there are so many different options.

Consider your audience

A potential landlord investor might be looking for advice on how to avoid the pitfalls when it comes to choosing their first properties, while someone who’s already settled and operational might want to know how to deal with a difficult tenant. So it’s not just about determining which channels you can use to present yourself to the right audience, but also what type of content will be most useful to them.

Automate processes

Automating your content and ad calendars will save you time, but the most successful marketing strategies will also include automating the sales and conversion process. Having multiple automated funnels running at the same time allows you to reach different types of owners, bringing in more leads consistently.

Because the goal of your marketing strategy is to generate interest in your agency, you should include data capture and lead conversion in your plan. Otherwise, all these efforts are in vain.