Marketing goals

Maximizing Year-End Marketing Goals, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld

holiday season has officially started and the media channels are full of all possible offers, advertisements and flight offers. Media spending and budgets are stretched during the holiday season, with each competing brand spending big and more. The creative side of marketing producing new campaigns is so predominant that it often overshadows the mechanical side of the job, which rears its ugly head at important meetings. For the brand champions, here are some simple ways to keep the brand book looking bright and strong through the end of the year.

Delete your content: The most overlooked media tool, and usually the one left to gather dust. Writing content is laborious and updating it is even more so. Still, keeping content fresh and shiny is a way to keep marketing and communications efforts on top. Pay attention to new team leaders, dates and Data points which are the salient figures of the company. Keep the data points, factual data up to date and you have brand new content immediately.

Dust off the data: Every marketing manager has an unused, forgotten and neglected database. From old email ids to providers no longer on speed dial, databanks are excel sheets that see an expiration date sooner than other guarantees. A very cost-effective way to improve back-end marketing work is to have an up-to-date database. Clean up the zillions of Excel sheets, consolidate them into a master file, remove unused IDs and you actually have a future subscriber base ready.

Improve the photo bank: Photos are the boon and bane of every marketer’s existence. Use a photo strategically, it becomes a selling point. Use it too often, it loses its charm. Visual data can become stale and stale very quickly, as subconsciously similar visual data can seem boring, repetitive or even overwhelming after a while. Old photo banks are usually a goldmine of forgotten information and can be used to give away visual treats, BTS brand stories very often. The end of the year is a good time to digitize the photo bank, correctly label the photos and eliminate duplicates or multiple backups of the same file. So ! You’ve cleaned up the laptop space and revamped your brand’s visual tools.

Update social media credentials: Social media handle descriptions and dates are easy to miss when you have multiple updates to schedule and live streams and stories to add every day. Browse description boxes, phone numbers, website updates, and any links to add or remove. Small tweak to spruce up the marketing game.

Review marketing materials: One of the easiest ways to let marketing budgets go by is to create marketing materials that have a short shelf life or aren’t versatile. Imagine throwing away shelves of brochures because they are outdated or unused, from an old promotional or marketing campaign? ! Marketing materials are fun to create, but their effectiveness is really tested when they reach and are seen by their audience.

Calculate media ROI: It takes time yes, but definitely not to be missed. A breakdown of marketing spend and returns on brand paid, owned, and earned media will inform the media and marketing strategy being put in place and give solid insights into the amount and destination of all marketing budgets. Keep a simple Excel spreadsheet and transfer the data to a nice PowerPoint presentation, to showcase all your hard work during the end-of-year review.

The creative part of marketing is fun, but without the good old refresh and dusting, even the best ideas and campaigns don’t shine enough. Happy marketing to you!

The author is an actress, author, speaker, life coach, and marketing and communications expert with 14 years of professional experience with The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, IHG, Gray group and the Dr. Reddy Foundation. She loves good content and champions conversations about marketing, leadership, new age work practices, economics, entrepreneurship, sustainable travel and tourism.