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Do you like to travel? Perhaps you are planning a visit to the cities of your home country during your long-awaited vacation.

Or maybe you dream of visiting the most unusual corners of our planet. Either way, discovering new places, cultures and people is incredibly interesting and fascinating. However, unfortunately, this is not always possible.

The circumstances that force you to cancel the next trip may be different, but the bottom line is that they almost always lead to a spoiled mood and disappointment with unfulfilled plans. Instead of succumbing to discouragement, we suggest another way to deal with an unpleasant situation. Why not take advantage of the unifying power of the unlimited Internet to travel to other cities and countries and meet the people who live there?

Below is a short list of resources that will facilitate such an unusual approach.

Meeting sites

Dating services are popping up like mushrooms every year after the rain. You can find a website that selects partners based on their interests, sexual orientation, religion, and even things they both hate. However, we are interested in the most important international websites because it is the meeting place for users from all over the world.


It is a very large international service with an audience of over 50 million people. You can easily register on the website or log in through Facebook. In any case, we recommend that you do the initial setup and indicate your goal of staying on the site: are you looking for connections or just friendship and communication. This way you won’t cheat on your new friends.

To find a contact person from a specific country, you must specify them as your location in the profile settings. Fortunately, unlike many similar websites, on OkCupid you can change geolocation at any time for free.


This is another great resource for chatting with people around the world. Badoo is visited by at least 100 million people per month. The users of the website are mainly residents of Europe and the United States. The main age group is 25 to 34 years old.

Besides a huge audience, among which you will certainly find an interesting interlocutor, one of the advantages of the site is the free adjustment of your geolocation, as is the case with OkCupid. The only thing to pay attention to is a working GPS or determining your position in the navigator – you have to turn them off, otherwise the manual change of settings will fail.


This is an extremely popular app (and website) for quick dating and communication. Tinder is particularly tied to your location, and its users by default think they’re talking to someone who lives somewhere nearby. Therefore, when using this service, it is especially important to be honest not only with your own needs, but also with your interlocutors as to your whereabouts.

Unlike the first two services, you can only change your location in Tinder after paying a fee.

Random chat roulette

Since the default Random Video Chats have the ability to connect you to callers from different countries, we can conclude that these resources are deliberately created to find callers around the world.

Chat Random

It is one of the oldest known random chat roulettes. For the ninth year in a row, video chat offers everyone the chance to chat with millions of people from different countries. Of course, a system finds a partner for the conversation, but ChatRandom has a built-in ability to limit the selection to a specific location.

To indicate the country with the resident you want to talk to, pay attention to the top right corner of the site page. Next to the “globe” there is a drop-down menu where you have to choose a location. From that moment on, your contacts will remain random, but they can always tell you about the places that interest you.


Users from 70 countries are waiting for you in this random online video chat. Shagle, like ChatRandom, allows you to limit the search for the person you’re talking to in a specific country. To do this, you need to use the chat settings, especially the geolocation filter. Indicate the country you are interested in so that the chat search functionality is tailored to your needs.

Shagle offers a bonus which is an extremely handy feature that makes it much easier to communicate with strangers. It is an automatic translation system between 6 languages ​​introduced in the web chat. Thanks to this, a conversation with any person becomes comfortable and convenient, and you can forget what a language barrier is.

Moreover, do not forget to indicate the purpose of the search for the interlocutor in the chat filters. Believe it or not, your new friends will appreciate this.


It is one of the safest random video chats, which allows you to choose the country of the future interlocutors as well as the gender. So, a man has the opportunity to learn about the most interesting sights, the most beautiful places and the delicious cafes while speaking to a pretty and polite girl.

At the moment, the service is only available in the web versionhowever, a mobile application is in progress in order to use the chat wheel as comfortably as possible from a smartphone.

This concludes our quick review, and you just need to choose which platform to use for virtual travel and vivid impressions of new knowledge.

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