Microsoft announces June feature updates and deployments


Many features previously announced by Microsoft are expected to roll out in June, along with a few new announcements. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your accounts are up to date.

Shopping campaign import improvements

Microsoft now allows advertisers to import their Google Merchant Center (GMC) store with their Shopping campaigns.

During the Shopping campaign import process, advertisers will also have the option to sign in to their Google Merchant Center account to import that account.

When the GMC store is imported, it automatically creates a Microsoft Merchant Center store with the same name, domain, and settings.


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This feature is currently in private beta. To request access, contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager or Contact support.

Smart Shopping Integration for Shopify Users

Microsoft announced the addition of “Smart Shopping” to its Shopify application, designed to simplify the creation of Shopping campaigns. Through the app, advertisers are also automatically enabled to display your products for free in the Bing Shopping tab.

Microsoft Audience Network is growing

In April, Microsoft announced that expansions were coming and now announced that, as of today, the Microsoft Audience Network is now operational in France and Germany.

As of this month, Audience Ads can now be broadcast in France and Germany, expanding our global presence to seven markets around the world: US, CA-EN, UK, AU, FR, DE and NZ.


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New market audiences in UK, France and Germany

Microsoft today announced that it has released new audience segments in the UK, France and Germany for search campaigns and audience campaigns. Advertisers can download the List of market segments to see what’s new.

Expression match updates are expected to roll out in June

Microsoft announced in May that the phrase match would start to match more similarly to the modified broad match, in parody with Google’s recent change. This change is expected to take effect in June in the United States (US) and Canadian markets.

Similar audiences Deployment in the United States

Lookalike audiences, which were in beta, are also slated to roll out to the United States this month.

To use Lookalike Audiences, simply click on “Similar Audiences” from the drop-down menu, then select the audiences to associate. Remarketing lists must have at least 300 users to be eligible for Similar Audiences. Once Microsoft has enough signals to predict similar user behaviors, a Similar Audience will automatically be created.

Click on “Similar audiences” from the drop-down menu, then choose the audiences to use for the lookalikes.

Microsoft will review users on a daily basis to ensure there is no overlap with the original remarketing list.


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For more information on setting up similar audiences, see the Microsoft help page. Similar audiences: reach more qualified customers.

Microsoft Import Improvements Now Available

Microsoft’s Facebook import was officially launched last week. To learn more about Facebook’s new import feature, check out this interview with Microsoft research evangelist John Lee.

To quickly recap, advertisers can now: import Facebook campaigns, ad units, budgets, auctions, images, demographic and geographic targeting to the Microsoft audience network.

Advertisers have the option to confirm and adjust all of the above settings, as well as preview and change ads and tracking settings before launching the campaign.


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In addition to Facebook’s import capabilities, the import tool has been redesigned to make the process easy to use. Advanced features are still accessible for those who prefer more customization.

Finally, advertisers can now choose to automatically import campaigns from Google as changes occur in Google Ads, as opposed to scheduling at a certain frequency.

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