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Multichannel Marketing Strategy: Helping Medical Device Companies Personalize Campaigns by Analyzing Patient Behavior and Needs | Quantzig

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a leading analytics consulting firm that provides custom analytics solutions, has announced the end of its article on the benefits of multi-channel marketing for medical device companies.

Technology has empowered customers and provided them with much more control over their purchasing processes, making it increasingly difficult for Medical equipement companies to stay one step ahead. They need strategies that can help them find their target audiences to share their marketing message. Given that 88% of patient-customers use mobile apps to view content online, and the average customer has approximately 4.5 internet-connected devices, Medical equipement companies need to formulate an effective strategy multi-channel marketing strategy. However, taking advantage of the benefits of multi-channel marketing strategy is a difficult task for businesses as they are more likely to waste money and damage the brand name rather than building a powerful online presence.

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Main challenges of multi-channel marketing:

Marketing Response Attribution

Since multichannel marketing involves many platforms and touchpoints, it is very difficult for medical device companies
to identify which campaign, channel or touchpoint sequence contributed to qualified sales and conversions. It further poses challenges for marketers to make informed decisions on resources and budgeting.

Management of several promotions

Managing multiple channels is a difficult task for businesses. They need integrated marketing to manage cross-promotions so that multiple channels work in tandem with each other and promotions of different campaigns can be done effectively.

Increased expense and time

Companies must constantly develop micro-campaigns that cover multiple channels fluidly. This multi-channel marketing practice forces businesses to invest in resources and time to keep campaigns running in sync.

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Benefits of multi-channel marketing for medical device companies:

Discover the behavior and needs of the patient

Multichannel Marketing is crucial for Medical equipement
companies to acquire a global vision of their patient-consumers. It provides them with essential information about their unique characteristics, including target value or segment and lifecycle stages. A multi-channel marketing strategy also allows medical device companies
to develop market- and customer-focused analytical benchmarks that can be leveraged to make critical decisions for different marketing campaigns.

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Consumer segmentation allows the establishment of multichannel marketing plan strategically. It allows potential patients to be part of the decision-making process regarding the device. It helps medical device companies develop with precision Medical equipement
that patients need at each stage of a specific disease.

Fine tuning: the last step

A refined good multi-channel marketing strategy helps direct resources to improvise marketing plans and make them effective and economical. Medical equipement companies can even operate bigdata and machine learning to build a business case for each campaign, predict ROI and prioritize future campaigns.

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