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Shakespeare didn’t care about branding, marketing or SEO

Do you have your business idea? Awesome – let’s start the best we can with a good foundation for branding, marketing, and SEO with a great name.

What’s in a name? What we call our business has to be good for branding, marketing, and SEO purposes, or we’ll have a hard time gaining traction, especially at the start. “

– Eoin

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / – There are a lot of things that you will be doing in the years to come that will affect your branding, your marketing, SEO, retention, growth and success of user memory. However, there are few things that can have as much of an effect as naming your business. With this guide, I will give you considerations and solutions to this often overlooked or underestimated process. Of course, you can name your business after your kid, your favorite food, or a random fruit and still be successful. However, in this situation, it is likely that your name did not help you be successful, but you were successful despite it.

How much better it will be to choose a name that actually helps your business! Is the name of the company really that important?

According to Shakespeare, no, a name is not that important: “What’s in a name? What we call a rose by any other word would smell so sweet.” Remember, however, that it never did. considered the implications of branding, marketing and SEO. If he had, he probably would have said something like, “What’s in a name?” What we call our business has to be good for branding, marketing, and SEO purposes, or we’ll have a hard time gaining traction, especially at the start. “Okay, that might not be such an iconic quote, but it’s definitely more specific in 2021.

Trade name for branding purposes

We’ve all seen great brands and their success. We have all referred to a brand that we like and associate with a particular product or service. But what about a startup or a small business or a local business? Is building a brand as important to them? The simple answer is yes, maybe even more important! When you are the local brand of a product or service, word of mouth is much more effective. In the past, the “mark” was called “the guy” or “the lady”. Each town had a car guy, makeup artist, florist, etc. Becoming a brand ensures you have repeat and referral customers in your area. For startups, investors will really want to see a branded business and often the final decision to invest can come down to whether they like the branding potential … or not.

Trade name for marketing purposes

When your name is recognizable and memorable, it just becomes easier to market. If people easily remember the name, your marketing can focus more on promoting the benefits of the product or service, rather than trying to push a name on target. This then allows more informed customers and ever more targeted advertising. Eventually, when your branding and marketing is done right, people will recognize the company, services, products, and even location, just from the logo or tagline.

SEO commercial name
What is SEO? Search engine optimization is all about getting your website to appear in search engines like Google. When people are looking for a product or service like yours, you want yours to appear at the top of search engine results so that they will visit your site. There are many different elements involved in SEO, too many to cover here, but suffice it to say that having a relevant domain name can help a lot. It is also important to get a domain name with a “top level domain” such as .com or .net rather than the less recognizable (and therefore reliable) .xyz or .io. Essentially you want to have a domain name that looks something like This is the best domain to ensure that your site shows up in search results.

How to name your business for branding, marketing and SEO purposes

Some people try to do this by brainstorming or sitting quietly and thinking. This could work in theory, but the difficulty then is that your concepts may not have a domain name available. Instead, using a free domain name generator or the business name generator will do that hard work for you. A domain or business name generator will take a few “seed” words and generate hundreds or thousands of potential names for your business and the best domain name generators will ensure that your options are available with a top level domain! You can often pay a lot of money for such a service and some people do, but like a lot of things, there are free options that can do a better job.

According to How to Start an LLC, their generator will provide exactly what you need, as described above. This smart and easy to use domain and business name generator will generate a large number of names to choose from based on the words or phrases you give it. This allows you to be a part of the creation process without all the heartache and effort of researching each domain name individually. Plus, once you’ve chosen your name, you can quickly and easily purchase your domain name and secure it until your site is ready to go! Their site also offers many other useful tools and guides to help you move forward with your business.

Key points to remember:
– Branding, marketing and SEO are important for the development of your business
– Having a good foundation is essential to start
– Make sure your business becomes “the guy” or “the lady” in your area
– The name of your company is a key element of your future success
– The best domain name generators will give you a lot of choices without costing a dime

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