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Thunder Bay – Election 2021 – The federal race has tightened. The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 34.3 percent, the Tories at 32.4 percent, the NDP at 19.3 percent, the Greens at 4.5 percent, the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 2.4 percent. The BQ was at 26.9% in Quebec.

Nik Nanos says: “Four weeks ago the LPC had a double-digit lead – just before the campaign, a single-digit lead. Now it’s a horse race between the LPC and the CCP ”.

Nanos Polling also says that while Justin Trudeau remains the top pick as Preferred Prime Minister, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole narrowed the gap from 18 to six percentage points in the campaign’s first week.

Our coverage begins with our region …

Thunder Bay-Superior North

NDP candidate Chantelle Bryson will be in the Nipigon area today as she completes a swing along the North Shore that included Geraldton.

Thunder Bay Superior North NDP candidate Chantelle Bryson will be in Red Rock at the Red Rock Indian Band office around 6:00 pm tonight, setting up an information booth.

The New Democrat talks about housing. “Thunder Bay residents pay an additional $ 2,040 per year in rent for a two-bedroom apartment,” says Bryson. “That’s an 18.5% increase in just six years. Justin Trudeau also refused to fill the loopholes used by wealthy developers to drive prices up out of control, Jagmeet will make sure the ultra-rich pay their fair share and that rents remain affordable for ordinary families ”.

“We need to make sure rents are affordable for the individuals and their families who are doing all they can to make ends meet,” adds Bryson. “New Democrats will create more rental stock in pedestrian living areas and support tenants with a range of affordability measures, including reasonable rents. “

Patty Hajdu has also been campaigning along the north coast for the past few days, while organizing the opening of her office.

No report from Conservative candidate Josh Taylor.

Thunder Bay-Rainy River

New Democrat candidate Yuk-Sem Won has been busy this weekend. She spends time with a booth at the Emo Fair.

New Democrats are focusing on housing and rental costs. The NDP shares: “Jagmeet Singh this morning released the NDP plan to make rents more affordable and solve the housing crisis. Jagmeet pledged to close the loopholes Trudeau protected for the ultra-rich by tightening rules to prevent big developers from “renovating” families, making it easier for families to pay rent by providing aid of up to 5,000 $ per year and tackle waiting lists for affordable housing.

“During this pandemic, rents in Thunder Bay continued to rise as people lost their jobs and businesses closed. Justin Trudeau has done nothing to stop rent increases here as families face an unprecedented economic and health crisis, ”said Won.

Liberal MP and candidate Marcus Powlowski was also at Emo this weekend.

No report from the Conservative candidate.

Kenora Riding

Liberal candidate David Bruno said: “It is pretty crazy that the leader of the Conservative Party would rather privatize health care in Canada than work to improve the existing system and prevent health care from becoming for profit. In northwestern Ontario we can’t even find doctors. It would become even more difficult in a for-profit system. “

Conservative candidate and incumbent MP Eric Melillo said, “A Conservative government will help Canadians with disabilities get the financial support they need and invest in accessibility to ensure people with disabilities can live and work without barriers.

The conservative plan:
· Doubling the Canada Workers’ Allowance Disability Supplement from $ 713 to $ 1,500;
· Reduce the number of hours required to be eligible for the disability tax credit and the registered disability savings plan from 14 to 10 hours per week;
· Refine disability supports and benefits to ensure work always leaves someone behind.

NDP challenger Janine Seymour was on Reddit on Saturday.

Social media buzz

Modern election campaigns take place on the doorstep, as well as on your smartphone, tablet and computer screen via social media like Twitter.

Often times, social media posts can focus more on attacks than party politics.

Here’s a look at this weekend’s posts:

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