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These updated recommendations are part of the COVID-19 Management Guideline, which was first released in March. This guideline is a “living guideline” that can be continually updated to incorporate the latest evidence and keep abreast of new developments.

We have published an update to the conditional recommendation for the use of remdesivir in patients with COVID-19 in hospital settings. We now recommend that remdesivir be considered in hospitalized patients aged 12 years and over or weighing 40 kilograms or more, on low flow supplemental oxygen (administered through a face mask or nasal cannula). Previously, we advised to consider remdesivir in patients on supplemental oxygen but not on invasive mechanical ventilation. The update reflects a slightly different approach to our analysis of the evidence based data that the use of remdesivir is more beneficial earlier in the course of the disease. The duration of treatment with remdesivir remains unchanged at 5 days.

While NICE does not recommend colchicine for treating COVID-19 patients in hospital, we recommend that further research be conducted in community settings to see if it could still be an effective treatment.

At this point, the expert panel concluded that there was insufficient evidence to recommend colchicine as a treatment for patients with COVID-19. This is the first time that NICE has published advice on the use of colchicine to treat COVID-19.

Dr Paul Chrisp, director of the Center for Guidelines at NICE, said: “These updated guidelines will help ensure that healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19 have access to the latest evidence on what works and what doesn’t as part of ongoing efforts to understand the best way to treat this disease.

“NICE continues to monitor and assess new evidence on potential and established therapies for COVID-19 and will update management guidelines for ‘live’ COVID-19 as appropriate. This approach reflects both our flexible and rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our move towards a more aggressive approach to producing recommendations, as outlined in our five-year strategy.

“NICE will continue to update users when new guidance on COVID-19 is released, but we also encourage users to check the NICE website to make sure they don’t miss any updates.”

The COVID-19 management guideline was developed and published in the MAGICapp platform, a global system that promotes the sharing of evidence from different guideline creators, thus increasing the speed at which guidelines can be developed and the ease with which they are developed. can be updated.

Updated treatment recommendations can be read here.

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