Marketing strategy

Oatly changes marketing strategy with a YouTube series about puppets

Famous for its in-your-face billboards, Oatly is taking a different approach with its latest marketing effort.

Swedish oat milk producer Oatly will release a five-part series on YouTube, hosted by two cartoon puppets, Norm and Al.

Each episode of The New Norm&Al Show will be between two and five minutes long and aims to spark a national conversation about how eating a plant-based diet is a normal choice.

“After trying to help people eat more plants with super long Instagram posts, silly Superbowl adverts, nonsensical headlines and going after dads in the UK, we’ve now landed on puppets to get the job done,” said Oatly creative director Michael Lee. .

“The cool thing about The New Norm&Al Show is that it allows us to deliver a message that people might normally roll their eyes at, but because they’re puppets, well, who doesn’t like puppets ?Despite that last sentence, Norm & Al are really just adding fuzzy felt, wobbly arms and bobbing heads with well-styled wigs to the herbal movement, and if all of that lets the company get on with it? easier to hang, so yeah, these puppets will be a total hit.

The work was developed in-house through Oatly’s own agency – dubbed the ‘Oatly Department of Mind Control’ – in conjunction with Bafta-winning production company Nexus Studios and director Conor Finnegan.

Meanwhile, the brand enlisted puppet maker Andy Gent, who is best known for Wes Anderson’s stop motion feature Isle of Dogs, to create the characters.

This is the biggest campaign to date for the brand. It was supported by media through broadcast, programmatic VOD, display ads and social media, in addition to extensive sampling activity in key locations across the country.

Not completely abandoning its preferred medium, the campaign will also run on outdoor advertising sites in London, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow until the end of January, as well as on thousands of buses.

Oatly has also partnered with The Guardian across print, display and audio channels. There will be Observer magazine cover and infomercials, as well as billboard takeovers, sliding doors and 30-second audio podcast ads.

The campaign is also set to launch across Europe in the coming weeks in markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, as well as Australia.