Overview of the agency: Hyped Marketing; Principles; SEO works; and more



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The Surrey-based digital marketing and design agency has opened a new base in Sheffield.

The company is a digital agency focused on simplifying marketing through its monthly marketing packages and team of account managers, copywriters, designers, and web developers.

Together the team delivers regular marketing activities, strategies and campaigns spanning a variety of disciplines – from social media, content writing, email marketing and public relations to PPC, SEO and design and marketing. website development.

Now Hyped Marketing is setting up another base, further north, landing on Eyre Street in Sheffield city center.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Jamie Barlow said, “We had established ourselves as a leading digital marketing agency in the South before, but why limit ourselves to just one area?

“The North is full of innovative and exciting businesses, so we look forward to making an impact in Sheffield, growing our customer base and starting to offer our services across the country to B2B and B2C businesses in various industries. ‘

The agency suddenly switched to remote work last year to weather the COVID-19 storm.

Barlow and Andrew Johnson (Creative Director and Co-Founder) quickly decided to make the change more permanent.

Hyped Marketing now uses a hybrid work model, giving team members the flexibility to work from home, office or elsewhere.

The agency says this shift to hybrid work has allowed her to tap into talent from beyond, meaning she has steadily grown her team over the past six months.


A television ad campaign, created by a full-service marketing agency, Principles saw a 91% increase in sales and a 1,000% increase in web traffic for the international cleaning brand Astonish.

The first phase of the campaign, which took place over three months in early 2020, in partnership with ITV, supported the launch of Astonish’s new premium line of cleaners and highlighted the specialty oven cleaner and Astonish grills.

The campaign saw a huge increase in demand for the cleaner, with customers contacting the brand’s head office due to supermarkets selling the product.

With extensive national listings among independent retailers and discount stores, Astonish tasked Leeds-based Principles Agency with publicizing the new product line to encourage consumer testing and disrupt a category primarily occupied by competitors. multinationals.

During the TV campaign, retailers who stocked Astonish Oven & Grill and Hob Cream posted double-digit performances in the oven cleaning category, with competing brands also benefiting from increased sales.

Along with the 30 second TV commercial, digital and paid social media strategies have also been rolled out to drive online sales and increase website traffic.

A spokesperson for Astonish said: “Our fantastic campaign has not only demonstrated how the product works, but more importantly the continued role of the oven and the practical benefits the products offer.

“The campaign was so successful that we returned to television for a second wave of activity using the exact same creation developed by Principles Agency. “

Established over 50 years ago in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Astonish has grown from a door-to-door, single-product setup to an international brand with a portfolio of over 60 products.

Liz Bryne, Director of Customer Services at Principles, said: “We designed and developed a campaign that had an instant impact for Astonish and generated incredibly impressive results, including a significant increase in product sales.

“We moved away from the traditional product-driven advertising campaigns that are often seen in TV commercials and designed something that would resonate with consumers.

“We wanted to highlight warm and memorable family times in the kitchen and demonstrate the real benefits of cleaning products that work quickly and efficiently in a busy home. “


SEO Works is investing in the future – by launching a digital academy with spaces for ten apprentices before the end of the year.

The Sheffield-based agency intends to lay the groundwork for the next generation of digital marketers, invest in the culture of the agency and raise the digital bar in the city.

This comes as he moves into a brand new headquarters in the city center, with a £ 250,000 fit-out, creating state-of-the-art workspaces for the growing team.

Managing Director Ben Foster said: “For us, there is no better way to develop future digital talent than through apprenticeship programs – being able to experience this professional and personal development within the company. agency is amazing.

“On top of that, the ability it gives us to contribute to the future of Sheffield’s digital economy is fundamental.

“Part of our decision to move to a new headquarters was a vote of confidence in our city, and it’s an extension of that.”

The agency’s senior director of business development, Ryan Fox, began his career in one of the company’s apprenticeship programs.

He said: “Having progressed through almost every position in my department gives me a unique perspective on what it’s like to be in each role, allowing me to empathize with others and help guide them.

“For me it has been a lot more beneficial than getting to the next level and having to learn what each function does. Learning was the perfect way to start the journey.

The academy already has its first students – with three people currently underway and other new entrants expected in the coming weeks.


Virgin Money, has appointed performance marketing agency, Journey Further, as the successful SEO partner.

The appointment follows a competitive six-way presentation process and will allow Leeds-based Journey to further manage the bank’s SEO business, including digital public relations.

The agency will focus on boosting online visibility across Virgin Money’s full range of products and services.

Robert Jefferson, Head of Marketing at Virgin Money, said: “Culturally we think this fits the bill and see Journey Further as an extension of our internal team.

“Journey Further’s data first approach, supported by technical know-how, marked us in the pitch process. We can’t wait to have them on board.

Dan Nutter, Agency SEO Manager, said: “The team is really excited to be working with Virgin Money and I have no doubts that our performance-driven approach will deliver incredible results and growth for the brand.

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