Poor campaign marches to Manchin office for voting rights


On Monday evening, hundreds of protesters organized by the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC), a group that describes himself as “a moral fusion movement to build power, strengthen moral activism, strengthen voter participation” to “unite poor and affected communities across the country,” marched on the constituent offices of Senator Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia) in order to pressure him to change his mind on a number of issues, including a popular suffrage bill he opposed.

Descending onto Manchin’s offices in Charleston, West Virginia, at least 300 protesters called on the senator to voice support for a federal minimum wage of $ 15 and support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bills that would help working families.

The group also said it wanted Manchin, a centrist, to reverse his stance on the law for the people, a voting rights bill that would expand voter registration, require non-partisan redistribution commissions in every US state, expose “black money” spent on campaigns, and implement other reforms as well. .

“There is nothing like moderation when it comes to protecting the right to vote and uplifting the poor and low-income, providing health care and offering a living wage. . ” said Reverend William Barber, co-chair of the CPP.

In a recent editorial regarding the For the People Act, Manchin said he would not support the bill, not because of its content, but because it could not gain the support of any Republican in the Senate. Manchin has also long argued that he will not support any legislation that also requires the dismantling of filibuster.

But while Republicans in Congress overwhelmingly oppose the measures in the franchise bill, Americans by and large are behind the bill and its intent. A May Data for Progress survey shows that 59 percent of those polled support the bill, while only 27 percent said they did not want it to become law.

Manchin’s distrust of backing Biden’s infrastructure package also runs counter to what opinion polls say on the matter. While the senator has expressed skepticism about raising corporate taxes as high as Biden has offered to fund infrastructure projects, polls have shown support for the bill is increasing when such taxes are mentioned.

A spokesperson for Manchin’s Charleston office said Manchin himself was not there when the protesters arrived on Monday evening, as he was in Washington, DC during the current Senate session, but that members staff were on hand “to listen to those important voices.” and share their concerns with him.

Barber insisted that Manchin come to West Virginia to see for himself that his constituents wanted him to change his political positions.

“Stop hijacking this. If you want to do something, bring the senator here ”, Hairdresser reportedly told staff members holding comment cards.

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