PPC chief Maxime Bernier says no to COVID-19 vaccine on Twitter


Maxime Bernier seems to thrive in making headlines for the wrong reasons, as evidenced by his recent campaign tour essentially trying to downplay the importance of being vaccinated.

In a tweet, Bernier said: “Critics say I am selfish and put vaccinated people at risk by not getting the vaccine. Are they not protected by the vaccine?

The tweet now has over 1,000 likes, suggesting his post resonates with some.

He goes on to say: “And aren’t these criticisms selfish in wanting to impose on each THEIR assessment of the risk that each should take?

Bernier appears to be rallying a crowd that has been vocal since the start of the pandemic, pushing back restrictions as well as advice from health officials and scientists.

While a COVID-19 vaccine does not make it impossible for the virus to spread, it dramatically decreases the chance of getting a serious infection.

Many Twitter users criticize Bernier’s claims, but there is still a crowd supporting his anti-vaccine rhetoric.

“Half of the people in this thread have been psy-op’d,” one user said. “Don’t worry about the critics, they are MANIPULATING,” said another.

Bernier made headlines in British Columbia in June for spending time at a restaurant known to repeatedly ignore health protocols.

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