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Reveal Marketing Research & ROCKWOOL study: Romanians expect stricter fire safety regulations

The energy efficiency of buildings has been a subject of major interest for several years. The degree of interest in this subject has increased further after the allocation of European funds for the energy rehabilitation program for buildings, but also in the midst of the continuous increase in energy prices. At the same time, the issue of fire safety in buildings regularly comes to the fore due to fires with serious effects, which are highly publicized.

In this context, Reveal Marketing Research and ROCKWOOL conducted a nationally representative study regarding the attitudes and level of information of Romanians towards housing renovations and fire prevention methods.

  • Home renovation has an upward trend, 8 out of 10 Romanians plan to renovate their home in the next 3 years
  • 71% of Romanians living in apartment buildings would like to actively participate in the choice of materials used for the building envelope and 31% would choose basalt mineral wool
  • Half of Romanians do not know if fire safety in the houses they live in is regulated by law, but they want stricter fire safety regulations (49%)

Improving the standard of their living conditions is a major goal for most Romanians, with 92% saying they have renovated their current home at least once over time

The results of the study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research show that so far, home renovations have been primarily focused on aesthetic improvements (62%), followed by window and door replacement (45%) and restoration/ improvement of housing insulation systems (36%). %).

If we refer to the behavior of Romanians over the past year, we can observe that 3 out of 10 dwellings have been renovated, with significantly higher percentages being recorded in the case of those who live in houses (39%) and in the case of young people, under 30 (43%).

Furthermore, home renovation also emerges as a priority for the future, with 8 out of 10 respondents expressing their intention to organize home renovation projects within 3 years.

57% of Romanians living in houses plan to renovate their living spaces in the next 3 years

The main benefit expected from the renovation of individual houses is saving money by improving energy efficiency (44%). Romanians over 44 (62%) and those living in urban areas (48%) are the most interested in energy efficiency solutions, while young people under 30 are more concerned about energy efficiency. improved fire safety.

From the point of view of Romanians who live in houses, it can be observed that 51% of them say that a state financing plan would encourage them to renovate the insulation systems of homes, while 24% would influenced by favorable conditions for bank loans.

7 out of 10 Romanians living in apartment buildings believe they should have a say in the choice of materials used for the building envelope

If Romanians could influence the choice of materials used to wrap the block they live in, 1 in 2 would choose mineral wool solutions for thermal insulation (51%).

Half of Romanians do not know if fire safety in their homes is regulated by law

The level of information of Romanians regarding legislation on fire safety in buildings is low, given that of the 47% who say they are aware of the existence of such regulations, only 12% say they are widely informed on this subject.

However, most Romanians mentioned that they want stricter regulations on fire safety (49%) and earthquake protection (34%) in case there are changes in building regulations. . Among young people under 30, the percentage of those who would prefer to tighten the law on fire safety in construction is higher (53%).

If we look at fire protection measures in homes, we notice that the most popular solution among Romanians is to have access to home insurance in order to protect themselves against this risk (41%), followed by by installing fire-resistant materials on the exterior facade or interior walls of the house (23%).

Moreover, according to the results of the study, 26% of Romanians admit that they have not taken any measures regarding the prevention and safety of domestic fires, and 12% do not know what measures they could take.

“The results of this independent survey clearly show a great interest of young and future owners in Romania for fire safety. It is a change of mentality, resulting from the immediate reality which is linked to the fires of recent years, which have left deep scars in Romanian society. Also, within the framework of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and the announced renovations, we see that 7 out of 10 Romanians want to have a say in the materials used to insulate the facades of the buildings in which they live, and 1 in 1 of 2 would choose non-combustible materials. This is a very clear message for policymakers and local administration when implementing projects with NextGeneration money,” said Florin Popescu, Business Unit Manager, ROCKWOOL Balkans.

“It is obvious that Romanians, who are well known for their strong sense of belonging, have been and will continue to be interested in renovating and improving their homes. The results of our study confirm it, 8 out of 10 inhabitants plan to start housing renovation projects in the next 3 years. Given the current socio-economic context, marked by rising prices and inflation, we can explain the tendency of Romanians to favor functional solutions in the future because they will allow them to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. and thus save money and pay lower bills,” said Marius Luican, CEO of Reveal Marketing Research.