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Reveal Marketing Research Study on recycling behavior: Romanians are increasingly interested in environmental well-being

In the current context of climate change, concrete measures to combat it are becoming increasingly necessary. This fact explains why Romanians are starting to take an interest in the practice of selective waste collection (56%), according to a recent study by Reveal Marketing Research.

People who collect waste separately are generally respondents over 55 (60%) and young people aged 25 to 34 (76%).

Women (55%) compared to men (58%) recycle less. On the other hand, 25% of respondents say they generally practice selective waste collection, but not all the time.

Romanian consumer behavior

When asked to choose which alternative they find most attractive, Romanians replied that they would prefer to choose environmentally friendly products (17%). Respondents who are moving towards ecological products are mostly men who say they have built a house in the past two years or are in the process of building a house (20%).

For 37% of people who are currently building a home, ideal means healthy and sustainable (37%). Therefore, when it comes to durability, for 26% of respondents, AAC blocks are the main material of masonry.

Also, Romanians state that they opt for well-known products on the market (16%), well-known products (13%) and innovative products (13%). The products renowned on the market are mainly chosen by respondents over 55 (20%).

Sustainable transport

Out of the total sample, 49% of those questioned state that they mainly use ecological modes of transport. A slightly higher percentage is observed among respondents who have built a house in the past two years or who are currently building a house (54%), but also among respondents aged 25 to 34 (53%).

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The collection method for this study is CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) – data collection period 15.04.2021-226.04.2021.

The data was collected: On a representative national sample (urban + rural), 820 interviews + the margin of error is +/- 3%. Confidence level: 95%; 440 interviews with people who have built a house in the past two years or are currently building a house.