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SAN JOSE, California, 28 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – TapClicks, the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises and covered entities HIPAA, today announced the appointment of Bill macaitis, Peter Newton, Jon strimling and Arturo Duran to their advisory board.

“We have provided a platform that resolves the inefficiencies and data frustrations that plague the advertising industry,” said Babak Hedayati, CEO. “With the addition of these specific advisors, we become the brand that drives this industry forward. Our advisors take all our efforts to the next level. Their detailed understanding of the challenges brands and agencies face in critical growth markets helps shape all of our business and products. As influencers their opinions have a huge influence in this market and endorsing TapClicks is a huge accomplishment for us.

Bill macaitis led marketing for three of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history. As CMO of Slack, CMO of Zendesk and SVP Marketing for Salesforce, he has first-hand experience of best practices that deliver extraordinary results. “TapClicks has put together a truly remarkable marketing operations platform. It’s a must-have for marketers these days. They automate the ingestion of huge volumes of data and the campaign executables associated with these. data.”

Peter Newton has shaped and influenced the media industry for almost 30 years. From the Boston Globe to Gatehouse Media to the board member of the Local Media Association, his understanding of the category is undisputed. “Media companies in all fields are struggling to adapt to the new digital landscape. The old way of campaigning and selling media will not adapt in the future. The TapClicks platform is the bridge all of these media businesses need to help them grow. Their ability to extract data from print, linear, digital and more channels is unprecedented. They have become the benchmark for media reporting and analysis. “

Jonathan strimling is a seasoned disruptive tech executive and entrepreneur who has successfully scaled businesses from online marketing platforms to the manufacture and distribution of CleanTech. Mr. Strimling brought marketing automation provider SharpSpring to NASDAQ, and he’s familiar with the SaaS marketing space. “TapClicks disrupts the old method of manual marketing reporting, providing a streamlined and automated solution. Brands and agencies get better visibility with the same staff. They are now able to think creatively, informed by new metrics and analytics via transparent interfaces. This is crucial for agencies who are constantly looking for an edge over their competitors. “

As Managing Partner of IVA Ventures, Arturo Duran knows all about business accelerators. He has made a career of connecting high growth companies with resources and strategies to take them to the next level. “The speed at which TapClicks gets businesses moving is astounding. With most of their clients showing massive gains in advertising and data efficiency, it is clearly the acceleration technology that is driving this market forward. It is not only agencies that can benefit from it. We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of brands that also need this level of detail and control. “

About TapClicks

TapClicks, Inc. is the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises and HIPAA covered entities. The TapClicks Marketing Operations platform offers end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, setup and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis and creating interactive visual reports and presentations. TapClicks integrates over 250 data sources through its Connector Marketplace to provide marketers with the ability to analyze data from all of the popular marketing and advertising tools used in the industry today.

Recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies by Inc., TapClicks is headquartered in San jose, california, with locations in Boston, Massachusetts; Nashville, Tennessee; and New York City; as well as international offices at Montreal Canada; Bogota – Colombia; Hyderabad, India; and Pune, India. For more information, please visit http://www.tapclicks.com or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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