The election is over but critical issues remain


Letter to the editor.

Hi. My name is Wayne, and I am a recovering politician…!

I really wanted to go back to work for you as an MP, but the election results decided otherwise. The final results for Elections Canada were: Rob Morrison (CON) 28,056; Wayne Stetski (NDP) 23,986; Robin Goldsbury (LIB) 5,879; Sarah Bennett (PPC) 4,467; Rana Nelson (GRN) 2 577. I personally congratulated Mr. Morrison and would like to thank Robin, Sarah and Rana for coming together in these very interesting times.

My sincere thanks to my wonderful team of volunteers from all over the Kootenays who make the election race interesting and fun! The friendships we develop during campaigns last into the future, win or lose. Special thanks to Audrey for being one of my most ardent supporters and hard workers – you have to get into politics as a team and we were a good team!

As the election is over, the critical issues that need to be addressed remain.

Fight against climate change. William Shatner (Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise) summed it up nicely after his recent 10-minute trip to space. Above him was the darkness of space he called death. Below him was the beautiful green earth surrounded by a narrow strip of blue atmosphere (he called it the thin onion skin) that keeps us alive. We’re losing that narrow band, and what you get is… death. It can’t be clearer than that.

Make life more affordable, including housing, child care, prescription drugs, dental care and post-secondary education. We need to improve the lives of seniors by taking the benefits of long-term care homes and providing them with a guaranteed annual income above the OAS and GIS which, even when combined, keep some of our seniors under. the poverty line.

Introduce proportional voting so that every vote counts; 28.8% of eligible voters here in Kootenay-Columbia did not vote in the 2021 federal election, some of them because they don’t believe their vote really counts in our current first past the post system .

Implement the 94 recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. As the report says, “Obtaining the truth has been difficult, but achieving reconciliation will be more difficult. Reconciliation with our Indigenous friends and neighbors must be a priority.

In addition to federal priorities, two issues that are primarily provincial jurisdiction have been raised at several doors and in several conversations.

In the first few weeks of the campaign, we learned how important it is for the Government of British Columbia to further protect our old growth forests. I agree and I think there will be some positive announcements soon.

In the last few weeks of the campaign, vaccines and Covid passports were in the foreground. Although there is a lot of information and misinformation on the internet, I prefer to listen to our local doctors.

A doctor I knocked on the door to in Fernie put it this way, “Either you get the vaccine or you get Covid. The problem is, as mostly unvaccinated Covid patients fill our intensive care units, the system is under enormous pressure. Nurses and even doctors are running out, and if this continues, our medical system may well collapse. »It is certainly not a future that I want to see …

My career, including my time in politics, has been devoted to serving people and the environment. As long as I continue to have what I call “the fire to serve,” I will continue to look for opportunities to contribute to better Kootenays, better British Columbia, a better Canada, and to serve my community locally. And presto, the next federal election could only be in 18 months and the next municipal election is October 15, 2022!

Best wishes.

Wayne Stetski,


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