Marketing research

The Floral Marketing Research Fund becomes the Floral Marketing Fund

The Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF), which offers floral marketing research and resources, has announced its name change to the Floral Marketing Fund (FMF).

The rebranding is intended to address the need to focus on collaborative marketing efforts and position the Floral Marketing Fund to bring industry organizations together. This name change includes a name change for FMF, a new logo, new slogan, and mission and vision statements.

“We are excited to expand our collaborative efforts with other members of the industry. It has been extremely valuable to bring perspectives from multiple industry segments to both our research and advocacy efforts. Together, we can develop and promote campaigns more broadly – ​​and with the additional input, we’ve been able to showcase more useful informed resources,” said FMF President Dwight Larimer.

The rebranding reflects FMF’s increased marketing efforts and a move toward more collaborative industry projects. While consumer research remains an integral part of the Fund’s efforts, broader coordinated promotional campaigns supported by many people will benefit the industry on a larger scale.

New mission statement

Develop, support and promote collaborative fundraising, research and marketing efforts to increase flower sales.

New vision statement

Foster the growth of the floral industry and inspire the daily purchase of fresh flowers and plants through targeted promotion.