The Future of Communications – Where We’re Going: Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, Digital Money, Video Chat

Have you noticed how the principles of communication have changed over the past 5, 10, 20 years? It seems that until recently we were using landline phones, making friends exclusively in person, and although we had access to the internet, communication was at best all about email correspondence.

Times are changing, new technologies have quickly entered our daily life and continue to change it permanently. Social networks are turning into multi-functional internet hubs, smartphones have already gone from simple voice phones to multitasking devices, and the basics of communicating on the web have become unrecognizable.

Today we want to talk about the most unusual and important changes in human communication, as well as in interaction with the outside world. And believe us, there are a lot more changes like this than you might think.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

In the summer of 2021, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced to the public that over the next five years he wanted to turn his social network into something of a metaverse – a virtual world in which users can meet, communicate and interact in all possible ways without leaving the sofa. In other words, Facebook would move from a classic social network to an online world where you can play, study, work and have fun in a variety of ways. To make this work, Zuckerberg plans to introduce virtual reality technologies. If everything goes as planned, very soon you will be able to attend a concert surrounded by other people, keep fit in 3D or simply dance at a real virtual party, all within the social network.

In fact, Facebook’s drive to actively embrace 3D technology is no longer new. In 2014, the company acquired VR product maker Oculus. However, we didn’t see the first results of this purchase until five years later with the launch of Facebook Horizon, a kind of virtual world in which you can communicate, have fun, and literally create new worlds with other participants. Facebook Horizon is still in beta testing and you can only log into the system by invitation.

The launch process Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is complicated by the fact that virtual reality glasses are still quite bulky and uncomfortable. And many users start to experience dizziness and headaches after just 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, the most important now is the development of VR technologies and the release of accessible virtual or augmented reality glasses. Several years ago, Google introduced its solution: Google Glass smart glasses. At this time, the technology has not found its audience, but of course things can change.

Digital money

After using at least some digital money, you can’t help but wonder, “Why is paper money still around?” »It can be easily lost, damaged, left in other clothes or sent to the washing machine with jeans. For many, using paper money is just a matter of habit. For others, it is much more convenient to pay for purchases and services with a card, phone or smartwatch.

There are many options for using electronic money around the world today in all developed countries. Add all kinds of cryptocurrency to that, and it becomes clear that there really is no need for paper money anymore.

There is no doubt that sooner or later banknotes and coins will disappear as a phenomenon, and all payments will be made from a smartphone or other gadgets that a person always has with them. For example, now you can easily pay for goods and services just using a QR code. It looks like this:

1. The person receives a piece of paper or an electronic receipt with a QR code on it.

2. Through a mobile banking application, the QR code is read and a payment invoice is generated.

3. One more click and the funds are sent.

In this case, you don’t need to enter anything more, count, confirm your identity, or any other time-consuming activity. Everything is done in seconds and a few clicks. But enough about QR codes. Some banks have already introduced face-to-face payment technology. When you buy something, the terminal reads your face, confirms your identity, and debits the required amount from your bank account. No unnecessary action!

Video chats

Some would argue that it doesn’t quite make sense to mention anonymous video chats in the context of future communication. After all, the first video chat site in history is over 12 years old. It was Omegle – a web chat site where you can meet and communicate with completely random people. And yes, the video chat format is far from new now. Nevertheless…

The point is that in the last few years we have seen how video chat sites have moved from rather primitive platforms to very functional and practical services that can completely replace social networks, dating sites, messaging. snapshots and more. Indeed, in some ways they are much better – more convenient, safer, and easier to learn. To elaborate, we can consider several popular chat casters and their features.

For example, OmeTV provides the user with everything needed for dating and comfortable communication. All you need to do is go to the site, open access to your microphone and video camera, and then select the criteria on which the site should search for chat partners for you. You can specify your partner’s gender and location, and OmeTV has a built-in translator, thanks to which you can easily chat with foreign speakers, without having to translate their messages manually. Meanwhile, the Chatrandom site, while it doesn’t know how to translate messages, has other useful tools and capabilities. Here you can indicate your gender and interests to help the system find suitable partners for you. If you care about anonymity, you can use AR masks that hide your face from the other person. And if you prefer to chat in company, Chatrandom offers themed chat rooms. All you have to do is select the room you are interested in and connect to it, where other participants are already communicating.

Lovers of juicy details shouldn’t feel left out either. There are video chats especially for those who want to flirt or even have virtual sex. One of those cats is DirtyRoulette, which visually and technically strongly resembles Chatrandom. Only its objective and its audience are different. Here you can also specify your gender, use AR masks and text chat or video call. Of course, you are only allowed to use DirtyRoulette if you are over 18.

Speaking of anonymous video chats, you can’t ignore Chatroulette and Bazoocam. They are among the pioneers of the chat roulette format. But Chatroulette was initially the most popular in the CIS countries and Bazoocam in France. Today, both sites look a bit outdated, but their audience is large and loyal.

More modern video chats include Chathub and Shagle. In general, these video chats are also quite similar to each other – both offer gender and geographic filters, and work fairly quickly in a desktop browser as well as from a smartphone. In addition, you can communicate by text and video chat. Chathub even lets you choose a section – “Communication” or “Dating”.

CooMeet is # 1 video chat with girls. It has become truly unique in many ways. This video chat only allows men to chat with girls with verified accounts. There are no fakes and bots on the site, and the moderation here is some of the best anonymous video chats. It’s also worth adding handy mobile apps, a unique affiliate program, good support, and a free trial – CooMeet already has it all. Overall, this video chat site is growing rapidly and introducing new features, making it one of the most promising solutions for serious dating.

We have the world in our pockets

It’s hard to imagine how much communication will change in 5-10 years. Technologies are changing faster than we can handle them. And the digitization of society is happening at an incredible rate, which is a positive thing.

Our task is not only to be able to adapt to current trends and realities, but also to take advantage of them. We believe all of these changes are for the better. After all, no one now longs for bulky home phones, annoying emails, or the need to constantly carry loose change with them for various needs. Today we have everything we need in our pockets, and that’s good!

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