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The Remarkable Way Partnership Marketing has infiltrated the affiliate marketing channel

The sands are shifting and the landscape is shifting, and whether you’re an emerging brand, OPM, or publisher, it’s really important not to ignore how quite remarkably partnership marketing has seeped into the industry we love.

The channel is dynamic and offers the perfect opportunity to meet consumer needs while delivering the results brands truly want as the global economy places increased pressure on ROAS and the performance of marketing budgets.

As an industry, you just need to browse LinkedIn to see how job titles have changed from “Affiliate Manager” to “Affiliate and Partnership Manager” or jump straight to “Partnership Manager.” These are significant changes. Changes you may also see with some of the terminology used on affiliate network landing pages, exhibit booths, and marketing materials.

Affiliate marketing is definitely not dead. On the contrary, it evolves rapidly.

Why the Partnership Awards and not the Performance Marketing Awards?

The US Partnership Awards are a unique ceremony for the North American market. The categories connect the affiliate and partnership, performance and influencer marketing sectors, giving anyone working within these channels the opportunity to show off their agility, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

In addition to being the perfect occasion to celebrate, the US Partnership Awards will serve as a melting pot of inspiration.

The significant growth in the desire for partnership marketing in the United States means that now is the time to take inspiration from those who have already succeeded and harness these lessons within your teams.

While the awards include some traditional performance media categories, our inaugural awards primarily focus on partnerships that drive client success.

Platinum First Prize sponsors include, Rakuten Advertising and Partnerize – who share our passion and vision.

The registration deadline is now extended by a week with the registration portal open until July 8, 2022 at midnight. You will need to download the registration pack for tips and tricks.

The US Partnership Awards will take place on September 7, 2022 at Sony Hall in New York.