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As Twitter launches Super Follows, YouTube adds new monetization tools and Instagram embraces e-commerce, the social media sphere is heating up with new ways for creators to make a living. Now Tumblr is joining the fray with Post +, the platform’s first attempt at allowing users to monetize their content. Post + debuts today in limited beta for an exclusive selection of designers in the United States, which were handpicked by Tumblr.

Like Twitter’s Super Follows, Tumblr’s Post + lets creators choose what content they want to put behind a paywall, whether it’s original artwork, personal blog posts, or Destiel fanfic. . Creators can price their subscriber-only content starting at $ 3.99 per month, with additional tiers at $ 5.99 and $ 9.99. Tumblr will get a 5% off creator profits.

The process for creating content under Post + is the same as with any other Tumblr post – all creators will need to do is check a box to indicate that the post is for paying subscribers only, whether it’s a video, audio clip, text, image, etc.

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“Not just for professionals or those with 10,000 or more subscribers, Tumblr’s Post + will push the boundaries of what is considered lucrative content on the internet: shitty posters, memelords, artists, fan fiction writers.” , all of the above and all of them will be able to create content while building their community of supporters and getting paid with Post +, ”a Tumblr spokesperson told TechCrunch.

For millennials who blogged their last reading live The Hunger Games ”on the day it was released in 2010, Tumblr may seem like a relic of the past. Founded in 2007, the platform has gone through many changes over the years. In 2013, Tumblr was bought by Yahoo for $ 1.1 billion, then Yahoo was later bought by Verizon.

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But a massive change happened for Tumblr in December 2018, when the platform banned all sexually explicit content and pornography. A month earlier, the Tumblr app had been removed from the iOS App Store after child pornography passed through the app’s filtering technology, leading the platform to ban pornography altogether. Four months after the ban, Tumblr’s monthly pageviews had decreased by 151 million, or 29%. Since then, the platform has maintained a primary user base, hovering between around 310 million and 377 million pageviews per month, according to SimilarWeb, although analytics still indicate a slight downward trend. Tumblr declined to provide its monthly active user numbers, but said the platform had more than 11 million daily posts and 500 million blogs.

In 2019, the platform was sold to Automattic, the company that owns WordPress. While Tumblr hasn’t seen significant growth since the fateful porn ban, under its new owner, it is exploring new ways to generate profit by creating features that appeal to its now younger demographic. According to Tumblr, more than 48% of users are Gen Z. These Gen Z users spend 26% more time on the platform than older bloggers, and their average daily usage time increases by more than 100% year after year.

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