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UnDigital Turns Ecommerce Packages Into Targeted, Measurable Marketing Channel

HUNT VALLEY, MD., August 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – UnDigital, a provider of personalized unboxing marketing technology, today unveiled a one-of-a-kind solution that turns ecommerce packages into a fully targeted marketing channel with attribution. Using UnDigital’s combination of proprietary software and on-demand printers, brands can now personalize the unboxing experience with personalized inserts and offers for every customer who opens a package and measures results.

According to eMarketer, e-commerce spending has accelerated due to the pandemic and is expected to exceed 5,000 billion dollars worldwide by the end of 2021. Innovative brands can now capitalize on this boom in online shopping by transforming their packaging into an effective and measurable marketing channel that strengthens customer loyalty, satisfaction and order frequency. With UnDigital, every package that leaves a brand’s warehouse or third-party logistics provider includes a fully personalized print-on-demand insert for the recipient. Use cases include loyalty building programs, first order promotions, helpful advice on ordered items and more, and may feature exclusive offers, product recommendations, or even automated ‘handwritten’ notes. .

“Packaging inserts were once static and pre-printed and until now did not deliver the personalized branding experience that today’s consumers expect. Our technology brings something quite old school into the digital age and allows brands to take advantage of the millions of packaging that is shipped daily, ”said Ryan millman, founder and CEO of UnDigital. “Marketers can now customize their packaging insert campaigns with the same measurement capabilities they’ve become accustomed to with digital advertising, and more importantly, connect with consumers on a personal level to stand out from the crowd. competition. “

UnDigital provides brands with the software to create, plan and test these personalized unboxing campaigns and provides on-demand printers for inside branded distribution centers. Printers connect to software to ensure the right customer receives the right impression, based on campaign attributes and goals, when the package ships. Brands have access to a dashboard that allows them to track revenue per campaign, number of impressions, buyer behavior of users who received a targeted insert and more, allowing them to make adjustments in time. real to optimize campaigns.

During a four month testing period, a beauty brand saw its conversion rate increase by 8%, $ 3.21 additional revenue per impression and more $ 220,000 increasing direct profits by adding personalized offers into packages – which equates to almost half a million dollars in annualized revenue from a relatively small test group.

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About UnDigital
UnDigital is the inventor of Unboxing Marketing Automation. The company’s digital platform is transforming e-commerce packages into a targeted marketing channel with attribution for the first time. The exclusive combination of software and on-demand printers helps brands deliver the perfect marketing print inside every outbound package without any extra work at the fulfillment center – always fully personalized, automated and measurable. Consider Google retargeting for packages. Major retailers who use UnDigital to personalize the unboxing experience have increased customer loyalty by up to 15%. For more information, visit

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