Vlog Episode # 83: Kevin Lee on Nofollow Links, 302 redirects and if SEO is harder than PPC


In the first part of my interview with Kevin Lee, the CEO is the executive chairman and founder of DidIt, we talked about his rich history in search marketing and digital public relations and why it works so well for SEO. . In Part 2, we get into the weeds a bit and talk about branded content, redirects, nofollows, and if SEO is more difficult than PPC.

Branded content is important, he said, but he’s talking about distinguishing between 302 redirects and nofollow attributes on your links. He explained how, for one of his new nonprofits, he will use a branded content strategy. We then dug into his feelings about whether 302 redirects transmit link signals versus 301 redirects. It was a fun conversation and he feels like 302s don’t transmit signals, but 301s do. – despite what Google says. He then went on the super old school with how in the early 2000s affiliate networks were doing 302s for their links, but then the new affiliate networks wanted to get direct links to convey the SEO value. . These didn’t last too long, when Matt Cutts killed him.

He then dared to answer what is more difficult; SEO or PPC. He said SEO is more difficult in the sense that it takes longer to show customer value. PPC, you can show the value to the customer almost immediately.

Here are the timestamps if you want:

  • 0:30 – Impact of unfollow and disavow links on Google search
  • 2:14 – SEO as a bigger picture, a holistic view
  • 3:25 – Greater focus on marketing gives you more marketing budget
  • 4:34 – Does branded content need 302s vs Nofollows in SEO
  • 6:52 – Do 302 redirects pass link weight like 301 redirects?
  • 8:00 – 302s in the ad do not pass the link juice
  • 9:30 am – What is more difficult: SEO or PPC?
  • 9:51 – Faster to show success in PPC than in SEO
  • 10:46 – Some SEO changes can have a negative impact in the short term

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